Certification and Assessment

The value of a TVET-certificate depends on formal recognition and even more on the trust of the companies in the quality of the training behind the certificate. We support you in assessing your certification and examination procedures and in adapting them to the requirements of a modern education system.

Examination procedures

Memorizing was yesterday. Modern employees are able to identify problems in their working environment and seek solutions independently. These competencies must not only be imparted but also assessed. For this, modern assessment methods are based on the characteristics of the individual professions. Our experts will support you in developing modern assessment methods and in their implementation.

Quality assurance and certification

The quality of dual TVET depends on the quality of vocational schools and their instructors, of training companies and their in-company trainers and of the co-operation of all institutions involved in the process. Quality standards for vocational schools and training companies, for instructors and trainers and for the organisation of examinations and the awarding of certificates ensure a consistently high quality of training. Our experts will support you in defining and introducing quality criteria and develop methods for sustainable implementation.