Seminars and Study-Tours

What exactly is “dual vocational training”? How does it work? Which stakeholders are involved? And what are their functions in the cooperation of all participating institutions? Our seminars provide you with a first insight into the complex system and its operations. If you like to dig deeper and exchange ideas with individual stakeholders in Hamburg, we recommend a study tour for several days, which we will shape according to your needs.

Introductory seminar on dual vocational education and training

In a half-day seminar, we will present you the key-players and the major features of the German system of dual vocational training. We will explain the role of schools, companies, chambers and of the public and private institutions behind the scenes. You will learn about the difference between in-company trainers and vocational school instructors and between training regulations and framework curricula, and we will explain how a final exam is organized and why TVET diplomas in Germany are awarded by the chambers.
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Introductory seminar with company visit

In addition to the introductory seminar, we will organise a visit to a training company or vocational school for you.

Study-tour to Hamburg

For a deeper understanding of the complexity of the system, we suggest a one to two-week study-tour to Hamburg. In seminars, our experts will present and discuss with you about the success factors of dual vocational training. We will organise exchanges with in-company trainers, vocational school instructors, training advisors, examiners, trade unions, who all will present their views and their contributions to a successful vocational training. We will be happy to organise a programme according to your needs.
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